I am an applied statistician at the University of Otago. My research interests are broad but generally involve applications in the biological sciences. Much of my work has been in the field of statistical ecology, but I also work in areas such as environmental and earth sciences, biomechanics, physiology, genetics, and diagnostic testing. I typically work with data that vary in space and time.

You can find a list of publications on my Google Scholar profile.

From 2023 I will be Co-Editor of Biometrics.

Positions held


  • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Kentucky
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Applied Statistics Center, Columbia University


Current (PhD)

  • Taylor Hamlin (co-supervisors Phil Seddon, Dean Anderson)
  • Nicholas Daudt (lead supervisor Will Rayment, co-supervised by Robert Smith and Eric Woehler)
  • Leah Crowe (lead supervisor Will Rayment, co-supervised by Steve Dawson)
  • Zeki Huang (lead supervisor Russell Frew)
  • Soundarya Karamcheti (lead supervisor Phil Bremer, co-supervised by Gale Brightwell)
  • Matthew Strother (lead supervisor Ben Daniel co-supervised by Katrina Sharples)
  • Anna Redmond (lead supervisor Tilman Davies, co-supervised by Phil Sheard)
  • Andy Pohl (University of Calgary; lead supervisor Reed Ferber)

Previous (PhD)


  • Josh Forward, 2021
  • Vicky He, 2021
  • Anna Redmond, 2019
  • Yu Yang, 2017
  • Georgia Anderson, 2016
  • Nick Gelling, 2016
  • Alastair Lamont, 2015